Rob Ford may not have been my top pick for mayor of Toronto but democracy ruled last night and like it or not, he’ll be running our city for the next four years. While people have found plenty to knock him about (his policies, that cheesy music… “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” and municipal politics realllllly don’t go well together), Ford’s win has shown me both how passionate Torontonians are about their city and – as these tweets prove – how hilarious we can be when we’re mad about something.

I really wish our new mayor was Tom Ford and not the fat and suave-less Rob. blerg. #voteTO – @HawleyDunbar

I can and always will be disappointed by election results but at the end of the day, I love my city. – @unbrelievable

Wait…that’s it? (He says, watching the mayoral saga from another country and time zone) I’ve waited longer for pizza delivery. – @shinangovani

OH: Rob Ford looks like the kind of man who’d force himself on you. His breath would smell like hot dogs. – @ccath

I cant believe Rob Ford won the election here in Toronto, BUT people voted and this is what MOST people here wanted. That’s democracy folks! – @SidewalkHustle

In (literal) wake of #MayorDoubleDown win, am watching hilarious Jonah Hill movie to prevent becoming prejudiced against fat peeps. #voteTO – @xoxSNP

Toronto, Prepare your bodies for the Thunderdome #Fordpocalypse – @TO_Underground

Rob Ford is the Nickelback of Mayors. All the votes, yet no one admits to voting for him. #voteTO – @JasonJHughes

TO too important says George to slag Ford right now. #voteto – @nowtoronto

Nobody in Toronto can ever make fun of the US electing Bush ever again #VoteTO – @mferrier

What happened Toronto, you used to be cool. #Fordpocalypse – @eric_o

Toronto is a vibrant artistic & cultural city that is too strong to be made or broken by one person. We learn. And now we grow. #tovote – @jianghomeshi

Alright, time to drink wine, eat Girl Guide cookies and watch cable television. For the next 4 years. #voteTO #robford #fordpocalypse – @gabbymoser

Man, eff this noise. I’m gonna disappear into an ice cream coma. See y’all when I physically resemble our new mayor. #fordpocalypse @zairagaudio

Rob Ford enters his HQ to Eye of the Tiger. What? Was “We Built This City” already taken? #voteTO @strombo

so the eloquence of this opening speech is what i have to look forward to for 4 yrs? #voteTO #Fordpocalypse – @claudia_sicon

Ughh you can’t even begin to imagine what a GRAVYTRAIN hangover feels like. #voteTO – @RobFordAngry

Congratulations Toronto, we just elected the dad from Family Guy #voteTo #cp24mayor – @emendel

Remember “Wife Swap”? I feel like that may have been what happened between Calgary and Toronto #voteTO – @_JackieMedeiros

According to foursquare, Rob F just ousted David M as Mayor of Toronto. – @maxvaliquette

~ Caitlyn Holroyd