by Becca Lemire
This past weekend, the annual Fake Prom brought hordes of youngsters to the beautiful Palais Royale for a heehaw of a good time. If you missed it, well, we feel sorry for you. Aside from wanting to relive the shitty real prom we experienced in high school, this event beckons us back every year as the costumes are always outrageous. When the theme called for wild-wild west – we took it seriously. DJ’s DMoney and Shit Le Merde played the songs we wanted to hear from when our parents promed it up to the Gaga generation. Other highlights included portraits and voting for King and Queen – this shit was better than Degrassi! The best part? The historic deck that overlooked the beautiful ocean, glittering from a starry sky. Okay, Lake Ontario – but while we are pretending to be seventeen, we might as well embellish. Ps- check out the sassy Western themed one-liners at and LOL’d mad hard. GIDDY UP!