Breakthroughs Film Fest is the only festival in Canada devoted exclusively to short films made by emerging women & non-binary directors, and the programming is always outstanding.
At this point, we’re all definitely craving the theatre experience, but it’s also really convenient that you can watch ALL 17 of these PHENOMENAL shorts while spread out on your couch. We’ve seen a few, and can attest that this year’s selection of films will enrapture you, impress you, and inspire your creativity BIG TIME. 
Celebration shares the poignant, tender, and oh-so-real story of 8-year-old Ada, who is desperately trying to fit in at school, but being teased for being different; Smile chronicles the girth of maddening feelings  experienced in a commercial audition taping; Tight, No Pain, details three women’s experience with vagismusthe breadth of this year’s films will undoubtedly plop you in different parts of your own life, recalling awkward, hilarious, or painful moments (in the best possible way). 

We can’t say enough good things about Breakthroughs, and this year’s virtual fest is a definite DO-DO, as in definitely do it! Your week, month, (year!)  will be greatly enhanced if you reserve a night (or four) to watch these short films, and ‘meet’ the filmmakers behind them.
This year’s festival runs June 25-28 and follows the theme of TOO MUCH: Stories that explore the ways in which women and non-binary folk are often seen as too much of something or not enough of something else. Single tickets are $5 and passes are $18.
Get your #BFF2020 pass now and get ready to have your heartstrings pulled with this year’s fantastic lineup of films! See full schedule here