Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but everyone gets stumped for ideas from time to time. We love this magical time of year, so we’ve got some extra costume ideas we’re throwing out there for those in need. Here are some easy get-ups to inspire you for Halloween 2009.


The Lazy Susan
You’ll need: A Snuggie.
Dress in Snuggie and sneakers (that’s right – like you go to the grocery store that way). Adhese Pop Tart wrappers to your Snuggie. Carry your possessions in a Peak Freans box. Your costume is Regret.

“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”
You’ll need: A big mom sweatshirt, leggings or elastic-waist jeans, stuffed belly area.
Perfect for a party, have a drink in your hand all night and when people ask what you are, groan and say “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” A nod to your favourite TLC show!

Jack Nicholson
You’ll need: A tux, Ray-bans, bow tie, cigar, swag.
I’m a huge fan of gender-bending costumes, and how good will you look in a loose tux and ever-present shades? And when people come up to ask you what you’re dressed as, give them a grin and flip them off.

Teen Wolf
You’ll need: A fuzzy head piece, a long yellow basketball tunic, a taupe body suit from your friendly neighbourhood American Apparel, knee socks, high tops, a basketball.
When it comes to Michael J. Fox-inspired Halloween costumes, it can be so hard to choose. But we vote you howl at the moon with this slam dunk of a Halloween costume. Plus, then you can sing Shakira’s ‘She-Wolf’ all night long. AWWWOOOOOOO!

Cruella DeVille
You’ll need: Dark hair, fur coat, black dress, big earrings, baby powder, cigarette holder, red lipstick.
An easy costume for the brunettes out there – just powder half your hair for that black and white look, wear fur, and act like you want to kill a bunch of nice dalmatians.

American Gladiator
You’ll Need: Spandex from American Apparel, knee and elbow pads, helmet, mouth guard optional.
You get to dress skimpy, and you can use bronzer to build yourself some real well-defined muscles, like Britney did during her comeback. Plus you’ll have padding for when you pick fights when you drink.


Beyonce and Sasha Fierce
You’ll need: A bodysuit, heels, tin foil. A fabulous gown.
For Sasha Fierce, straight single ladies. Just make sure to practice your moves before leaving the house. For Beyonce, get your most fabulous awards show gown and grin, and practice being really, really sincere.

George and Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
You’ll need: Something leopard-print and slutty, a sweater with elbow patches, two martini glasses
Go with someone you love, and yell at each other all night like you are the wickedest married couple of all time. Perfect if you happen to be married.

Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West
You’ll need: A button down short-sleeve black shirt, jeans, shades, a one shoulder diamante dress, red lipstick, tears.
I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but this could be the best Halloween costume of all time.

The Mean Girls
You’ll need: For Regina: short skirt, coloured bra, cut out the boobs from a tank top. For Cady: Red wig, short skirt. Karen: Backwards K done in jewels on your chest, slutty dress, straight blonde hair, vague look. Gretchen: Big hair, full of secrets.
It’s good to be bad.

The Women (and Men) of the Sopranos
You’ll need: Fancy Italian-looking dresses, acrylic nails, giant hair, faux diamonds.
How fun would it be to be a mafia wife? If you have a boyfriend who only ever wants to dress up in a suit for Halloween, this is the perfect costume for you. Remember that the bigger the hair, the closer to God, and lip liner is okay if you’re in costume. Bonus points if you have a good Tony Soprano in your crew.

Saved By The Bell
You’ll need: To raid your local Sally Ann
The crew is instantly recognizable, and no costume will provide you with a better excuse to buy high tops and patterned leggings. Now you just have to fight over who has to be Screech.