The initial SlutWalk march in Toronto has sparked similar protests across Canada and the US, as well as in Argentina, Australia, Britain, Holland, New Zealand and Sweden. The appalling comments of Toronto Police constable Michael Sanguinetti to Osgoode Hall law students last January — that “women should avoid dressing sluts in order not be victimized” — motivated these demonstrations.

Montreal’s first SlutWalk march will happen on May 29th. As we at SDTC have noted, SlutWalk isn’t about dressing provocatively – it’s about confronting a culture that blames victims, and not aggressors, for sexual assault.

SlutWalk is also about reclaiming a word that has historically been used against women who are (or who are simply imagined to be) sexually promiscuous, and to warn others of the ostracism that results from any whiff of immodesty.  So, in the great tradition of reclaiming slurs (see: “queer”; the “n-word”), “slut” is being re-appropriated as a term of self-respect. Accordingly, protesters at other SlutWalks have carried signs with slogans like, “Met a slut today? Don’t assault her,” “Sluts pay taxes,” and “We’re here, we’re sluts, get used to it.”

SlutWalk Montreal happens May 29th from 2pm-5pm. The march is being organized by Glam Gam Productions and sex worker rights group Stella. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email

Photo credit: Franz E. Kinkerzoink