You know what’s great about living in a big city? Being able to go to a theatre to watch a riveting documentary and then grabbing a bite afterwards at a neighbouring Indian restaurant or Korean BBQ house to discuss that doc. That’s why I like living in Toronto and ever since Hot Docs took over The Bloor, this kinda cool evening is always an option.

Here are three docs screening in the next two weeks that we think you’ll love. Following, we highly recommend you get food at one of the neighbouring Annex restaurants for yummy eats and savoury discourse. 

Beauty is Embarassing

If you’re feeling like you need a kick in the butt or want an inspring story to help you ditch the day job and follow your dreams, check out Beauty is Embarrassing. This flick follows the life of eccentric artist Wayne White. Born and raised in Tennassee, White has built an illustrious career by making zany puppets. Most notably, he created the memorable characters on Peewee’s Playhouse but has also worked with world renowned musicians. White’s life advice is straightforward, “Do what you’s going to lead you to where you want to go.” Sure, it’s not always the easiest path, but doing what you love is certainly rewarding. Also, his puppets and paintings are whack. Showtimes and more info.


Ever considered a road trip to Detroit? It’s only a few hours away but WOW, is it ever a different world. Once a thriving metropolis and the hub of America’s car industry,  is now a ghost town that in recent years has become a catalyst for creativity and perhaps this doc is a portrait of what the future of American big cities might look like if economic decline persists. Haunting, mesmerizing and a little foreboding; Detropia will certainly make you feel something. Showtimes and more info.

The White Stripes under Great White Northern Lights

In 2007, The White Stripes took a tour across northern Canada. Why did they decide to do this? And what does it look like when one of the world’s biggest bands shows up in the most remote communities on earth? A rock and roll doc in the great white north. Tour our country with Jack and Meg. Showtimes and more info.