If you were floored (as we were) by Tanya Tagaq’s mesmerizing performance at Polaris Music Prize 2014, you’ll definitely be interested in this.

On Thursday November 3rd at The Music Gallery (197 John St), Kwe Performance Series are offering a free throat singing workshop with Inuit sisters Karin and Kathy Kettler – aka Nukariik. The workshop will include discussions about traditional and modern Inuit life, music, the land and animals, how people live, and the Inuktitut language. They will perform a couple of throat songs, explain throat singing, invite participants to join in, and answer questions.

Plus, see Nukariik along with Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt and Taqralik Partridge perform on Saturday November 5 as part of the Inuit Showcase. These artists are actively preserving and innovating within Inuit throat singing traditions and sharing their vocal interpretations of the wind, birds, landscape and sea. Get more info here.