Family Day and March Break are on the horizon! If you’ve got little ones and are looking for some family-friendly activities, TIFF has a wealth of programming perfect for young people, including their award-winning exhibition digiPlaySpace, which opens February 18 and runs until April 23.

digiPlaySpace showcases the evolution of play in the 21st century with twenty-three interactive installations. Check out learning-centric videogames, robotics, mobile apps, green screen escapades and hands-on activities. (WHY didn’t they have this stuff when we were kids?!)

Here are a few highlights we’re looking forward to at digiPlaySpace:

  • Mimic, a robotic arm that mimics the movement of those who interact with it
  • Flight Painting, which lets you create amazing 3D paintings with a flying ball of light
  • M/O, an interactive sculpture of twenty-eight iPads that allows viewers to touch and move comets, solar systems, planets, and moons in a mini universe
  • Virtual Growth, where light grows to trace the environment, illuminating hidden edges and organically interacting with people and objects
  • Canada on (Green) Screen, the always-popular green screen that invites audiences to travel across the country using HD footage from Parks Canada (in celebration of Canada 150)
  • Animation Space Station, which lets visitors insert themselves in five different futuristic animated scenes, and float in space, run from aliens, and more!

March Break Camp registrations and tickets for digiPlaySpace are on sale now. Entry to digiPlaySpace is $11 for weekday admission and $13 for weekend admission – TIFF members see it free.