That Time Nicole and Her Pooch Had a Slumber Party at The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Judging by my current social calendar, the holiday season is officially upon us. Between work shindigs, celebratory hangs with pals and “I don’t know anyone here but I this is supposed to be a great party” parties, sometimes it’s nice to have a sweet place to crash afterwards (because let’s be honest, we can’t all be back home ballers).  Whether you are coming in from out of town, or just want a space where you can chill with your friends after an epic night of red and green Jell-O shots, The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is one of our faves.

Recently, I got to head to Sheraton with a friend and my pup (yep – they allow your precious little fur balls to come along), for a night of good wine, great eats and one of the comfiest sleeps I have had in a while (even my dog was found forgoing his usual 4 a.m. wake up time to blissfully sleep in on our king-sized bed).

To fulfill your holiday needs this season, and as a thank-you from Sheraton, the hotel presents Take The Elevator Home.  With this promotion, you receive 20% off of your room rate, can book Friday and Saturday stays through December 28th, 2014, and will enjoy rates from $139. If that isn’t enough, you may remember me mentioning that the food at Sheraton is delicious! Thankfully, they have fabulous menu selections that are tailored to meet all your holiday expectations. Options found on their festive menu (beginning December 13th) include:

  • The Festive Season Buffet ($44 per person)
  • The Nutcracker Dinner Menu ($25 per person)
  • The Christmas Day Dinner Menu ($72 per person)
  • The New Years Eve Dinner Menu ($110 per person)

What are some of the delicious eats that you can expect to find on the menu? Food items include (but are in no way limited to); decadent soups, maple-glazed turkey, and my personal favourite – a duet of Angus beef tenderloin and black cod medallion with crisp fried capers, balsamic glazed cipollini onions, with a Pinot Noir red wine reduction served with winter vegetables. Seriously people, put down the 50 Shades of Grey and read this menu instead.

Of course, as I experienced, Sheraton does not stop at serving up a beyond comfortable sleep and a happy tummy. The amenities offered are in a class all their own. While staying at the hotel, you will probably feel inclined to check out their beautiful spa (for obvious relaxing and invigorating reasons), their 24-hour fitness centre (in an attempt to work off some of that mouth-watering menu) or The Link, where you can enjoy free high-speed internet access to let Facebook and Instagram know just how much fun you are having during your stay.

So, don’t let this holiday season turn into a Festivus letdown! Head on over to for more details and to book a room today.

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