TOgether: A Night of Inspiration, Connection, and Recovery at The Costume House on Geary Avenue

There’s a lot in the world that is goddamn awful right now, but one thing that’s having a really positive moment is recovery. Finally, we’re at a point where many people are feeling confident to rid themselves of shame and recover out loud, be it from alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, eating disorder, or any other mental health issue that manifests in a myriad of ways.

Further, society as a whole is slowly beginning to recognize that recovery looks different for everyone; we’re not limited to one prescribed set of rules that works, and there are many pathways to reach a goal.

Next Saturday, the TOgether event, welcomes all to convene at The Costume House on Geary Avenue for a night of inspiration, connection and celebration. 

This inaugural event will feature eight speakers who are recovering from a variety of things, followed by a Q&A, and then mingling + dancing with a kickass mocktail bar. After all, YOU CAN HAVE FUN IN SOBRIETY! 

Organized by Kelsi Byers and Dani McCarron, two young women in recovery from alcohol use disorder, drug use disorder, codependency, trauma and anxiety. They’re also rad AF humans by whom you will feel warmly greeted, and no one needs to identify with any one issue. This is a beautiful Saturday night open to all who are curious about the transforming recovery space.

Tickets are $45, grab them here

TOgether takes place Saturday, November 17 from 7 to 11 p.m. at The Costume House (165 Geary Avenue—Unit 2).

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