Come out to the corner of Charles St. and Queen’s Park tomorrow at 12:30 pm to help the Canadian documentary community express frustration with federal cuts to arts funding in Canada.

According to the Documentary Organization of Canada, 1,500 full-time documentary jobs have been lost in the past two years. With large organizations like CTV, CBC, and Global Television reducing their documentary production, volume has decreased 30% since 2008.

Canada is a large country, with a hugely diverse population spread over an equally diverse geography. Documentary is one of our most accessible forms of communication, reaching across age and literacy lines to allow Canadians to tell one another their stories, and promote a greater understanding of our multifaceted national identity.

Aside from attending the protest, here are three things you can do to support documentary production in Canada. Tweet to Minister James Moore to express frustration over arts cuts: @jamesmoore_org, contact CBC, CTV and Global TV and ask that they reinstate prime time documentaries, or upload a video about why you love docs.

~ Haley Cullingham