Normally, our resident Meat Reporter Caitlyn would be in charge of covering something like this, but with the office fairly empty, it fell to the token vegetarian. Please be kind as I attempt to do justice to an event that will have most of you salivating in your desk chairs. Tonight, the Drake Hotel is celebrating their syrup-soaked Sugar Shack menu with a Maple Bacon Smackdown! Chefs Nick Liu of Niagara Street Cafe and Ryan Donavan from Marben will be frying up a bacon-off, and guests will get to taste and determine their favourite sizzling dish. Hosted by foodie Ivy Knight, the evening will also include a Best Dressed Hoser competition (with the winner receiving a poutine and a beer), and a maple cocktail demo, so you can try the Canadian fun at home. Let’s hear if for the Sugar Shack! 

7 pm, Free. The Drake Hotel Lounge, 1150 Queen St. W.