We are big fans of HER (the original dating app for Lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, two-spirited, non-binary, queer and trans identified community) and can offer you a solid guarantee that their official pride party, CELEBRATE LOVE, will be HOTTTT.

And if you’re new to the scene, CELEBRATE LOVE will be a great place to launch!

On Saturday June 17th, start the evening at Sip & Play on the Flight Deck of The Pilot (22 Cumberland), an event for those flying solo (and those who just love board games). Anyone interested in making some buddies before attending can get in on the action! They’ll have a variety of board games, activities, and drink deals on hand.

Enjoy the patio while the sun sets, rain or shine. It’s covered and heated if need be! This will be followed by Dancing & Patio Chills at the Pilot. Come play while rainbows paint the sky and unicorns fly through the glittery gates of Church Street!