Last time we talked Mansion, things got a little bit cult-y due to my willingness to attend anything (and everything) that Mansion throws. Forgive me, because it’s going there yet again.

Celebrating four years of partying in churches, dim sum restaurants, and its most recent super success, Foundry, means Mansion went big taking over 99 Sudbury last Friday. The combination of the music by Âme, Hali, Mike Gibbs, and Fabio Palermo, the visuals (which were giant 3D cubes coming off the walls), and the crowd made the party an amazing night from start to finish.

The room was packed and split into a dance floor, a chill zone, and even a sneaky little make out spot that was tucked away in the dark. While I’ve only been enjoying what Mansion does best for a little over a year, the love for the party throwers was definitely apparent throughout the space. The faces (and members of the Mansion fam) that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing at every party were in abundance, and Friendly Wealth was even selling exclusive Mansion T-shirts to commemorate the four year anniversary. So it’s pretty gosh darn obvious that I’m not the only one who does whatever Mansion says.

If you have yet to experience one of Mansion’s hundred parties, you can head to the BLK Box theatre this Saturday night for a firsthand experience. Seriously, you need to give Mansion a chance.

Photos by Conrad McGee-Stocks.