Trigger warning. 

It’s my job to write about things. Today, I don’t feel like writing about anything. Like most of us, I went to sleep and woke up sick to my stomach after reading the Toronto Star piece containing the allegations of Jian Ghomeshi’s violence. 

The revelations are incredibly important, but for many, they are also triggering. If you are feeling emotionally at-risk, here are some places in Toronto where you can get help.

The Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres  has a 24-hour crisis line (416-597-8808) as well as daily in-person counselling available.

The Sexual Assault/Women’s Violence Care Centre at Women’s College Hospital has a nurse available to help women and trans people 24-hours a day. They also provide an online package with resources, coping and self-care techniques.

The Assaulted Women’s Help Line (416-863-0511) can provide counselling in 154 languages and is accessible for deaf women.

Maggie’s, the Toronto Sex Workers Action Project, maintains a contact list of therapists and counsellors with proven experience respectfully counselling sex workers. You can access the list by emailing sexworkisreal[at] or calling 416-964-0150.

The Red Door Family Shelter provides information on finding a shelter bed if you are at risk, as well as other good resources.

Pandora’s Project has a good list of tips when you are supporting a friend or family member who has been abused.

Please share resources that we have missed in the comments below.