Becca Lemire hit a bustling Urban Outfitters and hung around the Toronto Eaton Centre to shoot festive shoppers and ask them about their plans for 2013. From where they are partying on NYE to their major new year resolutions, here’s a snippet of downtown holiday cheer.

Shelby with the perfect brows and red toque

Shelby just moved here from P.E.I. and is looking forward to exploring the city on NYE.

Veronika looking cozy in Inuit-inspired jacket

Veronika is working on NYE. Sigh. However, for 2013 she and her roommate have decided to create a “Perspective Jar.” Every time something good happens, a note will be added to the jar. That’s the spirit!

Karly and Nikki: Blondes gone pink

Both of their New years resolutions are to be better with money. You go, girls.

Monica in a happy scarf

For Monica, NYE will be spent with family. No 2am taxis! No insanity! Ringing it in with love and tranquility. Respect.

Cozy times Tara

She’s going to quit smoking. Let’s all quit smoking. FOREVER.

Tyshan looking foxy in his smoking room slippers

It doesn’t surprise us that his big plans for 2013 are to head to NYC and get a modelling contract. Make Tyra proud, Tyshan.

BFFs Bobbi and Rachel shop together

Bobbi’s going to take 2013 to focus on her career. Rachel hopes to spend less money.

Tenille blends Bay stripes with a cool Varsity jacket

She’s tired from shopping and just wants a nap. (We hear ya, sister!!)

Ashton is oh-so-pretty in skates

For 2013, she wants to “get out more during winter and check out more skating rinks!” Looks like she’s off to a good start.