With ominous headlines dominating the news, and Toronto citizens being urged to practice social distancing, life has taken a sudden (and somewhat scary) turn. If you’re like us, you may be feeling anxious, isolated, and stressed out. In the next few weeks, while we continue to make sense of what is happening, it’s important to do what we can to remain calm and healthy.

Here are a few women-owned businesses that have either quickly pivoted their offerings to online, or who have always operated remotely, and are now expanding on that offering. Connect with them from the comfort of your living room.  

Keeping The Body Strong

Keri O’Meara is the founder of Muse Movement, a Pilates Studio based out of Artscape Youngplace. Keri is offering online pilates mat classes to help your body stay strong and your mind stay calm. More info here. 

Financial Security

Shannon Lee Simmons is the founder of the New School of Finance, and her team is providing online financial consultations to help understand what to do with your money, or small business, during this economically volatile time. 

A Creative Outlet To Curb Anxiety

Chris Fraser is the a writing coach and the founder of who Firefly Creative Writing, and is offering online writing workshops. A daily creative practice like this can do wonders for an anxious mind. 

Therapy To Combat Overwhelm

Megan Rafuse is the co-founder and partner of  Shift Collab, who offer privacy-compliant therapy sessions over Zoom or phone. If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to speak to a therapist, visit www.shiftcollab.com to book directly with a therapist of your choice.

Relationship Support

Allison Villa is a psychotherapist, and the owner of House & Hook, a therapy practice that specializes in helping relationships (which may be strained as we practice isolation!)

Juggling Life With Kids (In Isolation) 

Natalie Ruskin is a life coach and founder of The Momentum Series, which offers coaching and workshops for mothers who are are trying to evolve their careers, while raising children. With Ontario schools closing for two weeks after March Break, the juggle is going to be extra challenging! A 30-minute call with Natalie can help sort out a strategy for managing your professional life during school closures, and beyond. 

Strengthening the Immune System

Andrea Lebovic Haworth is a holistic nutritionist whose primary focus is fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrition. She is committed to helping clients figure out the best way to strengthen their immune system through balanced nutrition. 

Do what you can to stay positive and strong during these precarious times! We will do our best to continue sharing ways that you can connect with the Toronto community from afar.