On Tuesday May 15th, Shedoesthecity will host #BeYourOwnT at Gap on Bloor: A serious shopping event to celebrate Gap’s relaunch of the classic T. Instead of us just raving about why we are psyched for this new collection, we decided to connect with some of our favourite Toronto bloggers to see how they would create their #BeYourOwnT look. This was definitely the way to go, because we could never have dreamed up such an eclectic mix of cool summer looks. Check out what they came up with and get inpsired to build your own look next Tuesday!

Pssst… you want to take advantage of this evening because all regular priced merchandise will be 25% off, and if you spend $75 or over you will receive a complimentary Summer Essentials Beauty Kit that is STACKED with products you’ll love*. Also, guests can enter to win a collection of Gap Ts for summer by tweeting their favourite blogger look with @GapCa #BeYourOwnT. We will also be running an in-store contest that will have one lucky guest winning a Bobbin bicycle!!! See event details here.

*While Supplies Last

Gracie Carroll


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Gracie takes the neon orange Gap T and creates a look that screams Back Alley Misfit. The T is playful and the leather pants are just a little bit sinful; the Gap denim jacket makes this get-up seem oh so naturelle. For Gracie, it is. 

“It combines leather, denim and neon, three of my favourite things in life.This outfit embodies my style because it is very relaxed, but still sexy.” 

Gap Fulton Pocket T in orange, $22.95
Gap Denim jacket
Gap leather pants
Blogger’s own shoes.
Blogger’s own white sunglasses
Baby blue pedicure

Lauren O’Neil


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Lauren calls her look the “Belle of Bellwoods” but we think it’s more “Hey girl, you are the party.” Lauren proves that heather gray and neon green can be friends after all. She scores extra points for turning her Gap braided belt into a headband.

“I’m all about day-glo everything right now and green has long been one of my favourite colours. So, yeah. This was fun.” You are fun, Miss Lauren. 

Gap Mercer V-Neck Pocket T in neon green, $22.95
Gap A-line maxi skirt in heather gray 
Cork wedges
Gap neon braided belt, worn as headband
Feather necklace, worn as bracelet

Gloria Chik


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Gloria knows how to make an edgy street look appear effortlessly elegant. Like, she could wear this strolling Queen West with a latte but also dazzle a red carpet event come 9pm. Respect. She layered her Gap Mercer V-Neck with a sheer and silk blouse that has a little military flair and painted her nails bright orange “just because.” Gloria thinks her outfit is “perfect for a summer stroll.” Yeah, that and everything else.

Gap Mercer V-Neck Pocket T, $22.95
Two toned silk blouse
Bright yellow belt from sister company, Old Navy
Statement cuff
Neon orange nails
Mixed silver and gold accessories
Lego blue shorts

Nelia Belkova


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Nelia took the Gap striped T and turned it into edgy high tea. Inventive! Classy! We weren’t sure you could do stripes on stripes but now we know better. 

“I love stripes and I love bright colors, and this Gap tee is a perfect mix of both. It literally goes with everything – jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, overalls, bathing suits…shall I keep going? I paired it with my favorite leather fringe skirt, and dressed it up with a statement necklace. With a striped ladylike cardigan on top, I think this is a perfect outfit for a fun Sunday get-together with the girls.”

Gap Mason Crew T, $22.95
Classy cardigan
Fringe Skirt
Statement Necklace
Black sandals
Chanel bag

Hawley Dunbar


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Yep, Hawley would stop a Go Train with this HAWT look. There ain’t nothing that she won’t dare to wear with her Mason T in blue. Check the hand, we almost want to frame it. Hawley, you are train-stopping, street-hustling fashion art.

“The versatility of this Gap tee lends itself to any outfit, either casual, cocktail, or somewhere in between. I’ve grown up wearing Gap Tees, and, in a sense, they’ve played a role in shaping my own personal style, and are still very much a part of my current wardrobe of predominantly vintage, independent designer, and high fashion pieces.”

Gap Mason Crew T in blue, $19.95
Vintage Leather Vest 
Fitted striped skirt
Vintage Belt 
Gap Cork and Leather Wedges 
Deadly Ponies Bag in midnight blue
Vintage Earrings, Shades, Necklaces, & Silver Shell Ring
Left arm: Layered watches
Right arm: Bonafide arm party with cuffs, suede bracelet, chains, rings galore….you name it! 

Awesome looks, right? We LOVE. Next week at our #BeYourOwnT event, Gap mannequins will channel the looks the bloggers created. Guests can tweet their favourite look @GapCa with #BeYourOwnT for a chance to win the collection!

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Can’t wait to see you!