1. Philip Sparks FW 2011 at The Burroghes Loft
Philip Sparks, the dapper local designer with the best dimpled smile, has been impressing well-dressed men in this town for years but has begun to woo us with his new women’s collection. Kicking off rogue fashion week tonight at the historic Burroughes Lofts, which now boasts Stumptown Roast with a new Lit Espresso, Toronto’s fashion elite will crowd around to get a glimpse of Philip’s 2011 fall/winter collection. Always a man with a romantic story, we can’t wait to fall into his latest stylish novella. Invite only but good to know because Philip Sparks is very talented and you should buy his clothes!!! Spring dresses we love are now available at  Delphic (706 Queen West) and Robber (863 Queen W.) 

2. Yonge Street: Toronto Rock n’ Roll Stories 3-part doc airs Mon/Tues/Wed on Bravo
Before mom gave birth to us, she was getting drunk at The Zanzibar, or the hub of xxx behaviour and good tunes pre 1970. Way before Dundas Square existed, or before this strip became a mess of shawarma and sex shops, a thriving music culture existed on Yonge. Bruce McDonald’s three part doc will take you to placed like Le Coq d’or Tavern and show you how this long-ass street paved the way for Canadian music today. 

3. Land of F*** 
Through provocative body movement, Toronto’s top contemporary dancers set out to interpret the word FUCK. The Dietrich Group describes their show as “Blending bodies and movement with sound, found objects and spoken work, The Land of XXXX explores all meanings of the expletive, from the sensual to the mundane.” Our perverse minds can only imagine what this will look like. Can’t wait! Opens Mar 23 and runs to Mar 27, Wed-Sat 8 pm, mats Sat-Sun 2 pm. $22-$25. Workman Arts Theatre, 651 Dufferin. totix.ca.

4. Rita Liefhebber Fall 2011 at Jonathan + Olivia
This will be the fashion show that all the cool kids flock to. Why schlep all the way to the end of the line TTC loop for Heritage Court when you can see the up and coming designer you love, whose clothes you actually want, at your favourite Ossington fashion boutique? Check mark for being smart. Check-check!! This is a guestlist only thing but you can be sure the party will float south to Sweaty Betty’s or up around the corner to Camp 4. Rita Liefhebber rocks our world, and hopefully our closet when we can save some bucks. 

5. BCBG Presents PROM: Into the Wild
It’s big. Maybe the biggest gala for young blood this dear city has to offer! Bigger than AGO’s Massive? Put on by the ROM’s Young Patrons’ Circle, this annual party raises funds for the ROM educational school programs. This year PROM is themed INTO THE WILD, so dress like a dangerous kitty and sharpen your claws.