Attention stoners, sufferers of sleep disorders, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more: Toronto is getting its very own California-style Marijuana Clinic! Set to open its doors at the end of June, 2014 at 121 Danforth Ave, this will be the first of many Medical Marijuana Clinics of Canada locations set to open across the country. Their goal is to assess, treat and follow patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and who wish to consider medical marijuana as a treatment option. The clinic’s team of medical doctors, nurses and staff seek to create a comfortable environment for patients to receive the treatment they are looking for, and that treatment is pure THC + CBD.

The clinic, which was created by Health Canada, doesn’t actually handle marijuana in-house, but can write prescriptions which can be filled by patients online, with the required dose of weed then delivered to their homes. All patients need to do is show up with as much evidence of a chronic medical condition. What do you think of these new clinics? It sounds to us like a helpful option for chronic sufferers and low-level anxietyheads who like to mellow out with a nice doob alike. You might say it’s one small step for man, one giant leap for stoned kind.

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