The Healing Collective is a holistic and comprehensive collective of psychotherapists and allied health practitioners, located in Danforth East, who support the community with a variety of comprehensive therapeutic services. This past weekend, they started a GoFundMe page to raise $20K for Black led mental health supports—Toronto responded quickly.  
Within 20 hours of when the page went live, they were able to meet (and exceed) their initial 20K goal. But as the demand for support is so massive, they will continue to grow it; the more money they can raise, the more services they can offer, reaching the Black community through both workshops but also hopefully 1:1 therapy, led by Black RSWs (Registered Social Workers), as well as support services for the support workers. 
“This fund is a place for non-Black people to tangibly put their outrage, sadness, shock, fear, anger and solidarity into action to actively support Black-led healing from the impacts of white supremacy through mental health supports for Black people,” reads a statement on their GoFundMe page.

Funds will be used to “support Black therapists, so they can support others, be paid fairly for their work and decide the scope that best suits their community. Supporting low/no cost mental health care, particularly in the midst of ongoing trauma is important work and deserves adequate compensation.”

Supporting this work is one way to be actively anti-racist. The Healing Collective will be taking over Shedoesthecity’s Instagram account on Tuesday, June 2 to share about this initiative, as well as all the other work that they do, including virtual offerings for a variety of therapy and treatment, and mental health support specifically designed for children. Find out more here.