Whether it’s the beginning of school, the insanity of TIFF, the rumble of moving trucks, or the chill we all feel creeping into the air, this is one crazy time of year. If you need a respite from real life, or you need to lend a shoulder to cry on, nothing says ‘it’s going to be okay’ like a delicious meal. Here are our favourite places to score some comfort food and sympathy.

The Grilled Cheese
66 1/2 Nassau St.
This delicious sandwich emporium in Kensington Market has a comfy, stripped down feel. There’s always a cute dog or two hanging out near the picnic tables, and the staff are friendly and eager to please. But these are sandwiches so good we’d eat them on the side of the highway during a dust storm. Mouthwatering options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike come with a side of ripple chips and a slice of pickle. Perfect.

Burger Bar
319 Augusta Ave.
Burger Bar has endless delicious options, but the Saag Poutine is what makes this the perfect place to eat your feelings. Delicious thin-cut fries with mouthwatering paneer (that’s soft Indian cheese for those of who have yet to experience it), cream, spinach and spices all simmered to melt-in-your-mouth warm-your-belly perfection. Share it with a partner-in-whine and two pints of craft beer, and we guarantee you’ll feel better.

Korova Milk Bar
488 College St.
Korova Milk Bar has a ton of scrummy offerings, from a selection of flavoured mayos for dippin’ to veggie gravy poutine, but our personal favourite? The goat cheese nachos, a delicious take on classic comfort food. A plate of these on the back patio with some PBR tall cans-what could possibly be more relaxing?

Aunties and Uncles
74 Lippincott St.
The weekend is a time for line ups and brunch, but stop by Auntie’s on a weekday for delicious comfort food in a soothing down-home atmosphere.

Cinnamon Girls
1170 Queen St. W.
This haven of homemade deliciousness offers up quiche, pasta salad, and melty sandwiches, all like mama used to make. The perfect place to grab some takeout when you just need to curl up with a good meal and a good book.

Over Easy
208 Bloor St. W., 56 Yonge St.
With a bright atmosphere that will take the edge off the crankiest of hangovers, pots of coffee brought straight to the table, and heaping plates of mouthwatering classic comfort food, Over Easy defines cozy brunch spot. Their avocado and tomato eggs benedict is smothered with what is arguably the best hollandaise in the city (and trust us, we’ve tried a few), and the eggs in a hole is a classic favourite topped with crispy bacon and melted aged cheddar. Feel better yet?

photo: www.overeasyrestaurants.com/