Trident is spreading tiny sparks of fun to Canadians. DO THE ROBOT WITH US and #SeeWhatUnfolds! 

As summer rolls to a close (sigh), Trident Canada is helping you make the most of it by encouraging Canadians to indulge in tiny sparks of fun to #SeeWhatUnfolds. It’s all about finding fun in the unexpected moments that shake up your everyday routine.

For Jen, this meant doing the robot in robot glasses. We’re betting busting this out at your desk would put a smile on the face of more than a few co-workers. It’s easy to forget how much a little spontaneous fun can turn someone’s day around. Trident found that 97% of Canadians know that fun can be free, or close to it, and 9 out of 10 of those surveyed said they find fun in the everyday. Trident wants you to share the fun!

Check out Jen’s robot video here and keep your eyes open for the Fun-Raiser challenges on Trident Canada’s Facebook Page where they’re assigning fun missions. Instagram yourself or your friends completing the task, and use the hashtag #SeeWhatUnfolds. Watch your photo push the fun-meter up: when it reaches its goal, Trident releases 1000 packs of Layers gum. Mmmm. We can’t wait to see pics of your best robot.

You can also jump into one of Trident’s Cabs of Fun and enjoy a fun free ride!. Driving around Toronto until September 16th and Montreal until August 25th, the eco-cab will drop you off somewhere fun, where you’ll score some free Trident, and  enjoy the unexpected! TAKE US FOR A RIDE!

We love the idea of layering a little bit of fun into your day. It’s easy to get so busy that we forget to make laughing with hysterical abandon at your boss doing the robot a priority, but luckily Trident is here to remind us to find tiny sparks of fun in unexpected places! We can’t wait to #SeeWhatUnfolds.

Stay on top of the fun and follow the hashtag #SeeWhatUnfolds!

This post, and Jen’s fly dance moves, are sponsored by our fun-loving pals at Trident.

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