It’s a little slice of nostalgia, pristinely packaged up for you like a summer picnic basket. The Trinity Tuck Shop, the latest offering from the concept store V by 69 Vintage, conjures up memories of bygone summers spent paddling canoes and saving up your pennies to buy pieces of candy or gum at a camp’s general store.

A soft, technicolour wonderland, the Trinity Tuck Shop (198 Walnut) is a collaboration between 69 Vintage’s Kealan Sullivan, local designer Ashley Rowe, and Diptych designer Dylan Davies. The concept is simple enough: affordable summer games and activities that are park ready for your consumption.

Boasting an impressive collection of moderately priced vintage wear as well as Rowe’s own brand of dip-dyed reverie, the Tuck Shop has something to please even the most winter-loving amongst us.

Popsicles, gelatos, and other sweet treats will satisfy a craving, while providing you with a much needed sugar high. If you’re athletically inclined, you can find frisbees and bocce. If you’re not, there are some blankets available so that you can snuggle up with your favourite read (or your crush, if you’ve got one).

Reminding us of a time when we were just kids, it’s the perfect remedy to those frantic deadlines and the mad, muggy weather. Though the games may be less innocent and your water bottles may be splashed with vodka, it’s always good to remember a time when things were simpler.

~ Natasha Hunt