At Up and Coming’s launch at Oasis Aqualounge, there was a lot more happening than penis cookies and naughty panties for sale. We sent our photographer, Becca Lemire, down some dark hallways and into red light nooks to capture dirty-dirty-dirty doings. In one room, four horny individuals took turns orally pleasuring one another. The live BDSM sex show performed by Jezebel Valentine & Malcolm XXX (of Switch Leather Play Parties) shocked one party guest so much that she fainted. Oh dear.

Like the party, Toronto’s new erotic quarterly is a healthy mix of sexy and raunch, with some snake-on-pussy for added shock value. Open to the sexual and curious versus catering to a type of sexuality, Up & Coming is for any open minded individual who appreciates a little kink: it turns us on and sparks conversation.

While a few party goers were privy to sexual acts being performed, most loitered around the pool, dipping sticks in hummus and frolicking with inflatable whales. Erotic.

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)