Last night’s Die Antwoord show at the Commodore was a testament to ‘everything in moderation.’ If we’re going to live in a world where paperwork, lunches and laundry don’t do themselves, then it’s someone’s job to mind the other-end of business by throwing white-trash ninja raves on Tuesday’s in your hometown, pumping ferociously on stage in sponge-bob boxers, Halloween masks and the baddest of hoodular sweaters, cursing to the audience in mad-rhythmic style, crowd-surfing and next-level beat dropping to cure you of your workday woes.  The Zef Side recognizes the importance of dancing-your-fuggin-balls-off to keep the universe in gentle balance.  Work, school, deadlines – gone, at least till morning. 

For sanity’s sake, get tickets to any of these upcoming shows.

Oct 22, 23 & 24 – Gogol Bordello @ Commodore
Sun Oct 31 – Ladytron DJ Set @ Fortune
Sat Nov 13 – Delorean @ Biltmore
Thurs Feb 10 – Chromeo @ Commodore