The Vagina Dialogues, coming up at The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St W) on March 8th, is an evening about connectivity, celebration, and important conversation in support of Sistering. We’re highlighting some of the panelists that will be speaking at this incredible event. 

Charlotte Langley has over ten years of practice as a chef and culinarian and in that time has forged a reputation for herself as a creative multitasker utterly dedicated to the art and craft of cooking. Her approach to her career and  community-building balances sass and sexuality with knowledge and skill.

SDTC: How do the worlds of cooking and feminism intersect? Can you describe the work you do?

CL: Food carries both feminine and masculine qualities; there are female eggplants and there are male eggplants. How a chef that happens to be a woman touches food, holds food and presents it, I find to be quite unique. We touch food the same way we want to be touched.

I am a chef who creates flavours and experiences for as many people as possible.

How can women empower themselves via culinary ventures?

By being true to their hearts as well as being honest. That applies to everyone.

As a female chef, how did you overcome the barriers you may have faced?

The barriers [faced by] chefs that happen to be women are varied. I was ignorant for a long time and didn’t realize the challenges. I always treated my colleagues and people the same.

What made you want to get involved with The Vagina Dialogues?

I love talking about my vagina.

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