Awww! Here’s everything you need for a Valentine as sweet as a Lisa Frank Unicorn. 

1. Her little plushy face screams “Call me!” To-Fu Love Plush Phone Holder, $12

2. LIVE THE DREAM! Dreamcats 2012 Calendar in Peach, $20

3. Add a little Valentine’s magic to the same old shoes. Heart Shoe Clips, $25

4. This reminds us entirely of this song from Snow White. Gold Wishbone Key Chain, $22

5. This lovely little token will remind someone they’re loved. Pink Forget-Me-Knot ring, $60

6. Anatomical, adorable. Plush heart, $20

7. West Elm has adorable animated e-cards that you can send to all your friends! Send some internet love.

~ Haley Cullingham