PUCKER UP! Get ready for some serious face time with these kissable products.

1. Nothing says “GET OVA HERE AND KISS ME!” like red, red lips. A Million Kisses from Lush will leave you with a seriously soft scarlet pucker.

2. Bat your eyelashes like the Makeout Bandit you are with Benefit’s They’re Real! Beyond Mascara

3. The first step to a good makeout? Sparkly whites! Try Marvis toothpaste in sensual Jasmine to set the mood (hee hee).

4. Colour-code guest toothbrushes for each of your V-Day conquests with this Pantone toothbrush set.

5. Get the softest skin with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. Perfect for nuzzles.

6. For the dudes! Elizabeth Grant’s Grant for Men After Shave Soothing Serum will ensure he has the softest cheeks. Beard burn be gone!

7. SOFT, MANLY LIPS! Thursday Plantation Tea Tree lip balm helps soften lips and protect from harsh conditions.

~ Haley Cullingham