The Biltmore is hosting a special night of grunge-themed karaoke by Weekend Leisure. Tie your plaid shirt around your waist and get ready for some Kurt Cobain!

For one month Damaged Goods is giving up bands and hosting strictly dance parties at the Astoria. Go for the tunes and stay for the stupidly cheap drinks.

Das Racist is coming to Fortune Sound this Monday! Tickets are only $13 pre-sale, and they’re expected to sell out quick.

Head down to the Red Card for all the football action this Saturday. They’re whipping out the big projectors so you can see no matter where you are.


Love Made Me is having a wicked art and warehouse sale. Stop by for great deals, cupcakes, and champagne.

There’s another sample sale going on this weekend at 212 in Gastown. This Friday and Saturday you’ll find all their spring and fall stock, djs, and free drinks.


Vancouver is hosting it’s first Hot Chocolate Festival! Six chocolatiers and the ever talented owner from Bella Gelato are showcasing their best chocolate combos for charity. It’s only on until Feb 13th, so be sure to move quickly.

There are a ton of Chinese New Year events going on for the next week, and they’re definitely worth checking out! Richmond Centre will be home to a tradition dragon dance on Saturday, while Chinatown will see a parade put on by the Chinese Benevolent Society. There’s a good overview of events here.