With Stanley Cup fever taking over the city, I would like to remind you that it is a good idea to shake off the nervousness (and that bar food binge you went on last night) by joining a team of your own. Sports604 is a recreational sports league that tackles activities that are nowhere near the ice: bowling, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and california kickball (yes, that too). Last year I joined their dodgeball league and learned the valuable lesson of the tuck-and-roll. 

Sports604 is also female-friendly – most teams must have an x-amount of girls on the floor in order to play. Their registration for summer has been closed – but a lot of the time teams need more girls – so don’t be afraid to contact any of the guys behind Sports604, like Eric Low (eric[AT]sports604.com) or Sam Lee (sam[AT]sports604.com) to send out a call to teams. 

And don’t worry about missing any Canuck action – they post pone events so you can revel in blue and green glory. 

~ Aimee Laurel