Got a secret and can’t keep it? Now’s your chance to air your dirty laundry on a city wide video art installation.

Labspace Studio, a Toronto based creative agency, is in the process of collecting confessions from people all around the world so they can air them on the TTC TV screens. The mundane, the risqué, and the hilarious—all confessions will be 10-15 seconds each (when it comes to candid public sharing, less is more), and will play every 10 minutes throughout the day in 60 stations across the city. Keep an eye out for this temporary new fixture in our public landscape from July 1-14.

This should incite some interesting responses, considering some people get weirded out when you brush elbows during rush hour. We’re already picturing ourselves standing awkwardly beside some young family on the platform while a televised stranger talks candidly about their regrettable sexcapades.

The social experiment/public intervention/art project will examine the collective act of confessing, and will pose the question “is it easier to confess to a mass of people than it is to one other person?” In many ways, the bustling subway platform is the perfect setting for getting those deep dark thoughts off your chest. It’s like having the sex talk with your parents—you did it in the car when you were driving somewhere so you didn’t have to look each other in the eye. Or how talking about sex with your high school boyfriend over MSN was so much easier than talking about it in person. You get to feel the relief of telling your secret, but eliminate the part where you have to hear any judgement or advice. You won’t even be sure anyone heard it.

The TTC TVs are silent, so confessions will be subtitled. No names will be given, but 1 million+ commuters will see faces of the speakers as they divulge their secrets. If you’ve got something to share with the masses, read this first to see what you’ll be getting yourself into, then you can make your confession. See you on the subway! 

~ Kait Fowlie