Vote for BATTLE PINK! Penguin Books will donate a dollar towards Rethink Breast Cancer for every vote!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to commemorate this occasion we encourage you to do two things: feel your beautiful breasts and cast your vote for BATTLE PINK!

Organized by Rethink Breast Cancer, BATTLE PINK! enlisted fashion writers and bloggers from across the country to create a look using one of the many BCAM (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) products. OPI, Swarovski, the Hannah Bra by Aerie, and the Halo watch from Roots are just some of the beauty and fashion items that give back. And although Harley Davidson is a name we usually associate with badass bikes and beards; we were gifted with a shimmery pink Harley charm necklace and a denim vest that screams dirty roadhouse blues.

It would have been fun to incorporate a motorcycle and lots of sweaty leather but instead I decided to gather an eclectic assortment of pink things and cherished characters, Jem included, to create my very own bedtime bike gang. McTavish, my mischievous fuzzy muppet, was the most keen to participate. He loves breasts.

Anita from IwantIgot, Globe and Mail’s Tiyana Grulovic, Sharon and Tara Ng from BackseatStylers and many more participated in the style challenge. I was slotted to directly compete against the lovely Chenessa Lam from Style Empire, whose creative spin on the Harley D vest is admittedly much more crafty than mine. Although I’m a competitive brat who will typically go to any length to win, it really doesn’t matter who you vote for, because every vote will be matched with a $1 donation from Penguin Books! In BATTLE PINK! we all win. See all the submissions here and vote now.

Rethink Breast Cancer is one of the few organizations that is dedicated to the young women’s breast cancer movement. Shedoesthecity is proud to partner with Rethink because breast cancer is an indiscriminate disease that can affect all of us. 

So…see you at Camp Booby?

~ Jen McNeely | Photos: Becca Lemire

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