Is there a more magical aroma in the morning than freshly brewed coffee?

No matter how frazzled, under slept or groggy I may be, all it takes is one sweet sip of caffeinated nectar, and I know that everything will be A-Okay.

Some people insist on getting their coffee on the outside, which sounds great in theory. And for my second (or third) cup I may do just that. But hold on a minute people. We’re talking first thing in the morning – when your day could still go in any direction.

Time for a morning stroll to line-up at your local coffee shop? You know the one – it’s so early that you can’t be bothered to dress yourself like a respectable human being.  And OF COURSE you see somebody you know who’s all shiny and put together while you look a slob, at which point you regress into a downward spiral of inner sweat pant shaming and regrets.

Well kiss that awkward encounter goodbye because mornings have finally gotten better with more selection, more great taste, and MORE COFFEEEEEE! Ready so fast, you probably shouldn’t blink. You might miss it.

Now, you can have that perfect cup of joe or jane (#weclever) in your very own home as Kraft Canada has launched a brand spanking new line of Keurig®* Compatible Pods.

Wear sweatpants, or, don’t even wear pants; we won’t judge! You never have to leave your house again to get delicious coffee because the Keurig Compatible Pods®* are available in all the flavours we love including Maxwell House, Gevalia and Nabob.

I’ve now had a chance to try all the flavours and have to say that the Gevalia Keurig®* Compatible Pods are my favourite. The Swedes definitely got this one right; the flavour is rich and creamy without being bitter. There are 2 roasts to choose from: Dark House Blend and Dark Italian Roast. It’s a swift and delicious kick in the arse to start my day and a perfect accoutrement to my morning ritual of checking email and Twitter while petting my sweet Chihuahuas sprawled on the couch next to me.

Luckily, I also have a lovely live-in gentleman partner who understands the importance of caffeine in my life and begins brewin’ as soon as he hears me negotiating with my alarm, making my first cup of Gevalia Keurig®* Compatible Pods even sweeter!


We want to caffeinate YOU, our lovely readers! Enter our Keurig®* Compatible Pods giveaway to win boxes of allllll the new flavours from Kraft; 10 prize packs in total!

Enter below by providing your name and email (it’s SO easy!). 10 of you lucky winners will be invited back to comment on my July 14 part 2 post for a chance to win the Grand Prize Giveaway!

Contest ends June 10 at 23:59pm.

And, while you’re at it – ride the caffeinated tide over to Kraft for extra savings! Get $1 off Maxwell House, Gevalia and Nabob Keurig®* Compatible Pods!

*Works with Keurig® brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue® coffee makers.

 Although this post has been generously sponsored by Kraft Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Kraft Canada.