Firstly, a little bit of Toronto trivia: Turco Persian Rug Company opened in 1906. 1-9-0-6! That makes it one of Toronto’s longest-running family-owned businesses. It’s thrived through many eras, including the Depression and both World Wars(!), and for good reason: they take pride in their product. There is no better place to invest in a beautiful Persian rug than here, and from now until November 18th, all showroom area rugs are on sale for 20% off. 

Hand-woven, hand-knotted, and made of wool, silk, or a combination of the two: this is the opposite of the fast fashion going-to-hell world we live in. All this to say, these are valuable goods with a conscious. The fringe, bright colours and geometric designs of Persian rugs can instantly warm up a room, and they fit into just about any interior design style. Beyond aesthetics, these rugs (imported from Armenia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, and India) are made to endure many lifetimes, decade after decade, becoming treasured items in the home that can be passed on to younger generations. “I personally think the more worn they are, the better they look,” says owner Jessica Kasparian. We agree.

Let your kids, your dog, your cat, your holiday party guests walk and roll all over your carpet; it can take it! Once it needs a clean, call Turco Persian back, because beyond having the best rugs on offer, they are also the best to clean ’em! Plus, they’ll do all the heavy lifting and transport for you. 

Head to 452 Richmond Street East (FREE PARKING!) and find a rug to warm your home, for now and always. Here are some that we’re dreaming about…start searching for the perfect one for your home here