Fact: Lil Wayne is out of jail. We must celebrate! But don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Savoy and two of Shedoesthecity’s finest, Becca Lemire and Louisa Cohen – Leouisy for short – will be getting krunked all night long
this Saturday at Savoy. Wedged in between The Drake and The Gladstone like a gold tooth on a grill, Savoy (1166 Queen West) is the strip’s hottest new joint. Expect ridiculous swagger to photograph and limited dirty Weezy art T’s for sale. Lil Wayne and the fam plus requests, maybe a lil Wu and A. Dodson, being spun all night long by the legendary Steve Rock, and we’re proud to offer you an exciting one-of-a-kind drink mash-up only at this party. Sexy Purple Sizzurp Drank featuring vitaminwater will be flowing all night long at the bar.

One last bit of awesomeness in case you’re not already feeling WEEZY-fied enough: Get WEEZY with SheDoestheCity and win an incredible prize pack! Anyone who attends WARNING: MAY CAUSE WEEZYNESS at SAVOY on Saturday, November 27th gets entered into our WEEZY draw with several chances to win some incredible swag.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our prizes WILL cause WEEZYNESS!

1. A $100 shopping spree at HAUS Boutique. HAUS is one of Bloor and Landsowne’s best entities and sells a hand-picked selection of local designer fashions, eco skincare and housewears, Cheap Monday and Yoga jeans, vintage, upcycled clothes, TOM’s shoes, housewears and accessories for men and women. Haus is for lovers 😉

2. When you dream up your fantasy jewelry collection do you imagine bunches of flowers cascading around your neck, six pairs of shades hanging on your chains, bangles and baby-dolls dancing around your décolleté!? Adorn yourself with one of three original handmade necklaces by Elizaveta Yankelovich, jewelry’s rap star.

3. The only thing sexier then running your hands through your own hair is running them through someone else’s. “Do” each other in a whole new way – with a Kevin Murphy Gift Pack. It includes unisex products both you and your bf/bff/ex/roommate will enjoy as equally and enthusiastically as you do – they’ll just have to be quiet about it. Kevin Murphy stands out from the pack, and known for their performance, weightlessness and natural and sustainable ingredients like oils, extracts and antioxidants. Once you go Kevin, (and Weezy…) you never go back.

~ by Leouisy