All who were in attendance this past Saturday know what I’m talking about: Have you gotten out of bed yet?! The Lil Wayne Party at Savoy was epic. Lil Wayne’s biggest fans, Shedoesthecity’s Louisa Cohen and Becca Lemire, want to thank everyone who was in attendance from the bottom of our little hearts- you helped make the night an amazing success.

Lovers of Lil Wayne small and large probably felt like they landed in the middle of Weezy Heaven. Attractive humans walking around with tribute-teardrops painted on their faces, dirty dancing to Weezy’s greatest hits and rarest b-sides, a strategically placed “Bed Intruder Remix” for ultimate hilarity and krunked goodness, and free lollipops. To top it off we slurped on delicious vitaminwater Purple Drank Sizzurp Cocktails that tasted just like candy. And damn, all those vitamins sure did whisk my hangover away before it ever arrived the next morning. 

“WARNING: MAY CAUSE WEEZYNESS” packed Savoy, Queen West’s next “gold tooth on the grill” tighter than Lil Wayne’s medicine cabinet. The staff kicked ass and congrats to the winners of our special prize packs! Three lucky party-goers won either a Kevin Murphy Hair Gift Pack, $100 HAUS Boutique Shopping Spree or 3 gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces by jewelry’s rap star, Elizaveta Yankelovich, who was in attendance and lookin’ mighty fly.  We look forward to throwing more epic parties in the future so keep your browser window locked right here – or sign up for our newsletter, found on the homepage.

Thanks so much for getting Weezy with us, it was truly an unforgettable night and we had a blast partying with all of you! Until next time…Kisses, Hugs and Krunk Juice from She Does The City! 

~ Becca Lemire

~ Photos by Matt Broszkowski