We’ve been following artist and photographer Petra Collins since she was a sophomore at Rosedale School of The Arts. In 2011, she did a fall fashion photo shoot at Parkdale’s Mascot Coffee Shop (RIP) for Shedoesthecity, directed by Natasha Hunt. It’s something we’ll forever brag about. It was obvious then that her career would catapult into fame, and I’m still kicking myself for not purchasing her photos from a pop-up show at The Gladstone! (A missed Warhol moment.)

Not long after that shoot, Petra took a road trip across the USA, and began working with Rookie Magazine’s Tavi Gavinson. Petra was the first photographer to snap Tavi as a peer, to capture her allure, intelligence and beauty, rather than brandish her as a fashion child who pissed off the front row.

It was her work with Tavi that got Petra noticed. Since then she’s collaborated on several provocative and daring projects, including the American Apparel Period Power shirt, which made international headlines. (Gosh world, chill.) Now Petra is a staple in the New York art and fashion world, attending the same parties as Karlie Kloss, rubbing shoulders with Diane Von Furstenburg, and getting ink in Vogue.

In her latest project, Petra shot four teen athletes (Anna, Carmen, Danielle & Teshuanna) for Adidas Stella Sport. Entitled Break a Sweat, the short film touches on sexism within sports and how sports empower young women, and shares personal stories from each of the young athletes.

As with all of Petra’s work, we never feel like we’re behind a camera, but rather inside the personal space of her subjects. We can sense their heat, the sting of their blisters, the stink of their sweat; it’s raw, enticing, and real.

It is definitely worth a watch. Petra, we absolutely love following your career! You continue to blow our minds.