Add another film to your watchlist at the 23rd edition of Canada’s Top Ten at TIFF! This program will highlight notable Canadian films released in 2023, with many debut features from up-and-coming filmmakers across Canada.

From January 25 to 28, film enthusiasts can immerse themselves in this lineup at TIFF Lightbox. This exciting selection showcases cinematic gems from all across Canada. From British Columbia, Alberta and Nunavut all the way to Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, a diverse range of genres, voices, and films will be represented in this year’s showcase of Canadian films.

“These films not only showcase the depth of our homegrown talent, but also underscore the cultural richness of our nation and the many stories we have to tell,” said Cameron Bailey, CEO of TIFF. “Each year, we are proud to celebrate and showcase the best of Canadian cinema, and more importantly, provide a platform and opportunity for audiences in the city and across the country to experience these films together.”


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Here are the features chosen for Canada’s Top Ten, screening at TIFF Lightbox this week: 

  • BlackBerry | dir. Matt Johnson | Ontario 
  • Hey, Viktor! | dir. Cody Lightning | Alberta
  • Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person | dir. Ariane Louis-Seize | Quebec
  • Kanaval | dir. Henri Pardo | Quebec
  • The Queen of My Dreams | dir. Fawzia Mirza | Nova Scotia/Ontario
  • Seagrass | dir. Meredith Hama-Brown | British Columbia
  • Seven Veils | dir. Atom Egoyan | Ontario
  • Solo | dir. Sophie Dupuis | Quebec
  • Someone Lives Here | dir. Zack Russell | Ontario 
  • Tautuktavuk (What We See) | dir. Carol Kunnuk, Lucy Tulugarjuk | Nunavut

Short films include:

  • Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal | dir. Alisi Telengut | Quebec
  • Gaby’s Hills | dir. Zoé Pelchat | Quebec 
  • I Used to Live There | dir. Ryan McKenna | Quebec
  • Katshinau | dir. Julien G. Marcotte, Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush | Quebec
  • Madeleine | dir. Raquel Sancinetti | Quebec
  • Making Babies | dir. Eric K. Boulianne | Quebec
  • Motherland | dir. Jasmin Mozaffari | Ontario
  • Mothers and Monsters | dir. Edith Jorisch | Quebec
  • Sawo Matang | dir. Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto | Ontario
  • Thriving: A Dissociated Reverie | dir. Nicole Bazuin | Ontario

Some women-led films to keep an eye out for are Meredith Hama-Brown’s shattering Seagrass, which follows a Japanese Canadian woman who brings her family to a therapy retreat on the Pacific Coast. This film draws out the issues of the diaspora as grief, shame, intergenerational trauma and racial identity intersect to test their relationships.

Sophie Dupuis marks her return with Solo, which centers on Simon, a Montreal drag performer thriving in his new relationship, until his mother comes back into his life. When his past and present come together, he soon realizes neither can offer him the approval he’s seeking. 

Upon their theatrical runs, filmmakers will travel across Canada in partnership with TIFF’s popular Film Circuit programme. Seeking to make film and theatrical shows accessible to remote, and underserved communities, this program extends opportunities to see these films beyond their initial releases.

Each film on this list is radically different in its tone and style, pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling, and offering something for every viewer.

TIFF’s 23rd edition of Canada’s Top Ten will run from January 25 to 28 at TIFF Lightbox! Learn more about it here.