WATCH: The Female Gaze ft. Mary Young, Krizia Victoria, Erika Altosaar + Maggie West

For many of us, Hillary’s presidential loss was just the beginning of something deeply troubling and widespread bubbling to the surface. Women of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds need to band together now more than ever.

In The Female Gaze, director Leeor Wild enlists four Toronto-based women – Mary Young, Erika Altosaar, Krizia Victoria, Maggie West – to share their stories. The topics covered range from body positivity to media representation to everyday misogyny. Throughout their stories, one common thread remains the same: each of these women uses art and creativity to carve out space in a world they otherwise feel disenfranchised in.

Got a story to tell? The Creator Class, a channel for those who share their passions for a living, is open for submission.


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