In the realm of polyamory, a unicorn is the single unattached woman who is willing to date a couple – a rare breed, indeed.

Unicornland follows Annie (Laura Ramadei) – a somewhat shy (and horny) newly divorced woman – as she dates a variety of couples. The series portrays the sweet, silly, and occasionally sad situations she experiences in polyamorous dating. Unicornland was created and produced by Lucy Gillespie and shot by a 70% female cast and crew.

“It’s about a woman who dates couples to learn to love again after her divorce,” notes Gillespie. “It’s inspired by the fact that I was married, and when I realized I was unhappy, I got a divorce. I had not been fully honest with myself about my reasons for wanting a relationship, and I didn’t communicate with my partner. I felt like something was wrong with me and I didn’t know how to be in a relationship.

I didn’t do what this character does, which is literally date and sleep with couples, but I met a lot of people and asked a lot of questions, specifically about how to make your love work. I joined the kink and fetish scene and that was a really interesting place to figure out people who really stretched their relationships.”

Each episode features a date with a new couple (from hipsters, to Wall Street power duos, to Bushwick burners) as Annie becomes not just sexually active, but activated.

Check it out.