For the second year in a row, Canadian TV personality Leah Miller will be covering the Oscars in LA from a balcony above the star-studded red carpet. We caught up with the blonde beauty to discuss fashion, film, and red carpet survival.

SDTC: Seeing as how this is your second year covering the Oscars from the red carpet, what are you most looking forward to this time around?

Leah: I think this year is just more exciting in general.  This year is such a strong year, so the competition is better. It was a given last year as to who would win, but this year is different—although I think Anne Hathaway is a done deal [to win]. I liked Django Unchained and The Impossibles. I loved Argo; I hope it wins best picture because I love Ben Affleck and he did such a great job with it!

SDTC: Whose outfit are you most excited to see?

Leah: I love Jennifer Lawrence—I love everything about her! She seems so real. She seems so cool and down to earth, and she is obviously every designer’s dream to dress. She has been wearing a lot of Dior Couture. Jessica Chastain is also stunning, and has great red hair. And Naomi Watts. I also hope Anne Hathaway does something dramatic for the Oscars!

SDTC: Who in your opinion always has the most amazing style?

Leah: For me this season it is Naomi Watts. She has been the best—she has looked great at every show and is very consistent. 

SDTC: What trends should viewers expect to see this year?

Leah: Navy is a really big colour; we saw that at the SAG Awards with people like Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried. And you always see people who go for red, because that’s a given. Also, everyone is wearing strapless.

SDTC: Now a very important question: What are you going to be wearing?

Leah: I am wearing a dress from a great boutique called Madeline’s Boutique. I have driven by there a million times and they have the most gorgeous window—and a store’s window is so important. They always have beautiful dresses, and the couple [who owns the store] is so lovely. 

SDTC: Have you ever experienced or witnessed an awkward moment while on TV or covering an awards show?

Leah: I’ve experienced many, but mostly it’s when a zipper breaks and you need to get sewn into the dress. It happens a lot when people step on the actor’s dress and almost rip it. I’ve seen that. You should be looking out for train! 

SDTC: What is in your red carpet survival kit?

Leah: Chocolate bars. I know that might sound crazy, but last year when I was standing in one position for so long, I ate them [to keep my energy up]. I also have this really great powder from Laura Mercier called Smooth Focus. It’s perfect because it’s translucent, doesn’t build up, and doesn’t look like I have to have it. That’s my main makeup piece that I’ll need. And lately I have been using the mini Vaseline coco butter. It’s itty bitty: the size of a Toonie!

CTV AT THE OSCARS airs Sunday, Feb. 24 at 6pm ET on CTV, and repeats later that night at 8:30pm ET on E! Plus, CTV will be airing the actual award show at 8:30pm ET—and will also, for the first time ever, live stream it online. So many ways to watch!

~ Kortney L. Shapiro