Whether she is rocking the mic or just partying, Isis always brings a different kind of energy to a room. And we love it. She’s outspoken, vivacious and can get anyone up on a speaker to shake their shit. Even though she is roaming the streets in Berlin, we bugged her to share her holiday wish list; we figured it would be different from all the rest.

1. Maschine Mikro
I’ve caught the producer bug and with that comes an insatiable addiction to “gear”. Combined with my shoe fetish my wallet has been taking a pretty hard beating. So, if Santa could help me out and score me a Maschine Mikro along with maybe a free lifetime supply of Native Instrument products, I would be very grateful.

2. World Peace
We tend to forget how lucky we are in the West – although it’s not easy, it’s definitely necessary, so I challenge Santa – world peace by 2012? 
If world peace is too lofty, maybe some sparkly Tom’s shoes? With every pair bought, Tom’s donates a pair to someone in need. Sorry Isis, I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted but a small step to a better world?

3. Henry Cavill’s Phone Number
Do I really need to explain this one? Santa, you would really be doing me a solid on this. LIKE… REALLY DOING ME A SOLID!
And if that doesn’t happen, get her a box set of the Tudors. 

4. Cure for Cancer

And here you were thinking I would ask for a pair Manolo Blahnik’s.
We wish this too, but in the meantime, perhaps this nifty pink Apollo Toolbox from Canadian Tire? Proceeds go to Rethink Cancer and Isis can build a tree fort.

5. A chance to work with Cee-Lo
Always on my Xmas list. I know Santa’s busy but I feel like this is my year!
We would totally buy that album.

Photo of Isis by Maxime Bocken

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