We celebrate International Women's Day by revisiting some of the most inspiring women we've featured in our Her Career profiles

Happy International Women’s Day! But “Happy” doesn’t quite seem like the right greeting. “Stay strong, stay inspired, keep fighting” seems somewhat more appropriate in a time when it can be easy to forget that, for every freedom we enjoy, an equally powerful sense of oppression exists for women both near and far. Whatever being a Feminist means to you, and whether this day is marked bold and bright on your calendar or went unnoticed until you logged on to Twitter, take a minute to think about all the women who came before us, fought for our freedoms, and keep inspiring us to be better every day. Looking for some great required reading to remember how far we still have to go? Check out the Women’s Media Centre.

Over the past few years, we’ve profiled over 140 women who are walking poster boards for realized ambition: from artists to lawyers to entrepreneurs to aid workers, these women write their own narrative, and have shared their tips, warnings, and successes with us in our Her Career section. We think they’re all brilliant and inspiring, and we’ve picked a few memorable ones to help celebrate International Women’s Day.

Anna Maria Tremonti is a renowned journalist and Host of CBC’s The Current.

Alison Lee is the manager of feminist Toronto sex shop Good For Her.

Jen Glasgo and Christina Zaganas are program workers at Vancouver’s legalized Injection site, Insite.

Kymm Feldman is a Family Physician.

Eden Hertzog is the president of delicious Vegan baked goods company New Moon Kitchen.

Wendy Rhymer is a nurse, midwife and Volunteer with Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Jordan Porter is Fashion Market Editor for FASHION Magazine.

Janice Price is the CEO and President of Luminato.

Katie Gray is a PR Supervisor at the Toronto Zoo.

Abena Malika is an Actress and Musician.

Sari Delmar is the Founder of Toronto-based indie wunderkind Audioblood Artist Development Services.

Annette Paul is the Director of Development at the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Paula Brancati is an Actor.

Caroline Law is a City Councillor’s Assistant and Green Party Exec.

Olivia Bolano is the Executive Chef at All The Best Fine Foods. She spoke to us when she was heading up the kitchen at The Kitchen on Queen West.

Chan Han Goh spoke with us as Principal Dancer at National Ballet. She is now living in Vancouver, directing the Goh Ballet Academy.

Jo Altilia helms Literature for Life.

~ Haley Cullingham

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