Last weekend we gratefully accepted an invite to a party which seemed to boast Toronto’s hottest ladies; The Flirty Girl Fitness Pink Carpet Soiree. We rolled up early to check out all the behind the scenes activity. The Wellington St. work-out space had been converted into a girly paradise. Blo was on hand dispensing amazing blow-outs (photographer Becca got her hair did!), Arbonne makeup was dolling out makeovers and you could also get a manicure to primp you for the party. We got beautified and were ready for action.

Not just a fitness studio but a lifestyle club, the Flirty Girl Fitness party was a chance for members to meet and schmooze, for an amazing girl’s night out and for the staff and class instructors to show the club members some love and appreciation. To that effect, the experts got their burlesque on, did the Coyote Ugly and sampled some pretty incredible pole tricks for the cupcake muching, flirtini sipping crowd as DJ Lissa Monet spun the ultimate girl power playlist.  

If you haven’t ever been to a Flirty class you should definitely sample ballet bootcamp, beginner pole tricks or a burlesque workshop. Having been to a few different classes I can assure you it’s the most fun I’ve ever had working out. You can also drop in or buy a class pass until you’re ready to become a member….which will score you an invite to the next fab party! 

– Zoe Shapiro