We interview CBC's 18 to Life star Stacey Farber about her favourite Toronto places and spaces.

After a long day on set, where are you and the cast grabbing a drink?
We shoot in Montreal and wrap late at night so we never have time to grab drinks all together. When we do have the chance to go out for dinner, our favourite place is Liverpool House on Notre Dame.

Tell us about one really memorable meal you’ve had out in Toronto.
When my boyfriend and I ate at Guu Izakaya, he lied to our server and said it was my birthday. I was mortified sitting there while the entire staff, and everyone dining, serenaded me.

Who brews your morning coffee?
I do—with my boyfriend’s Nespresso machine. J

Describe your favourite shopping find in Toronto, and where you got it.
I’m not a shoe or bag gal, I’m a sucker for tailored jackets. Two of my favourite (and most versatile) blazers are from the Canadian label Smythe. I love everything those girls design!

You’ve got exactly four hours to plan a last-minute surprise party for your best friend: What’s the itinerary?
You’ve given me time, but no budget so here goes:

First, I’d book the upstairs space at Swirl wine bar on Queen East.

Next, I’d send online Evites to 30 of my best friend’s friends.

To decorate, I’d light votive candles and order gorgeous, feminine arrangements from Quince Flowers.

For snacks, I’d swing by the following:

— Leslieville Cheese Market for olives, Beemster, and something soft. I also love their dips—hummus or spinach and caramelized onion, to be eaten with Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps.

— Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, in Kensington, for mini cupcakes.

— Edible Arrangements for fruit bouquets that include chocolate dipped strawberries.

What’s your favourite place to see live music in Toronto?
Reservoir Lounge on Wellington

What’s your favourite place in the city to just amble and people watch?
I’m always astonished by the girls in short-shorts and mini skirts in the middle of winter, at Nyood.

If you were a tourist for a day, what three sights would you take in?
1. The AGO- I love the Galleria Italia and my cultural advisor, “Grandma,” tells me the Maharaja exhibit is fantastic. Afterwards, I’d stop for a bite at Frank.
2. Ossington- Great restaurants (Libretto, Foxley, Union, and Salt– if only for the ‘Bacon Caeser’ cocktail), and great shops (Jonathan and Olivia, Vintage Mix 1, Silver Falls).
3. The Hyatt’s rooftop bar; it’s a classic.

18 to Life airs Monday at 8:30pm EST on CBC Television

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  1. Anonymous
    January 11, 2011

    hmm, Stacey is very beautiful and such. however, it sounds like this girl has very expensive tastes. i bet this boyfriend of hers is very, very far from poor.
    liverpool house looks like even the appetizers cost about 15 bucks for starters.
    no way is she ever going to marry a guy who isn’t pulling down doctor/lawyer/c.p.a. type cash.
    regular guys definitely needn’t ever bother.
    oh well, maybe i can clone her.

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