Alright people, don’t mess this up. Sundance Wines, our newest bevy friend, is hosting a "OMGggggg, WHAT??!! I can win this? Hot damn!" contest on the book of face, right now. Someone’s going to win one of these amazing prizes, which would you want most?

Diesel Shopping Experience
A $5000 fashion spree at Diesel. Bahhhh! Go nuts!

Collingwood Retreat
Grab three friends and head north for a luxury suite + spa package. Revelry and rejuvenation unite! Prize includes transportation.

Montreal Getaway
Wooohoo! Eat, drink and dance until it hurts. Prize includes two nights at a downtown hotel plus transportation.

While Valerie is pushing the fashion spree and HipUrbanGirl is all over Collingwood, we are rah-rahing for the trip to Montreal.

We can’t seem to get enough of La Belle Province this summer and have been cheating on Toronto since May. From vintage boutiques in the plateau to Bota Bota Spa Sur L’Eau, here’s what you need to see and do in this sexy city.

Enter now! It’s actually really fun. In the meantime? Look for Sundance at the LCBO. It’s refreshing as is but we like to add a little bit of pretty by dropping in a few raspberries and some soda water. Fizzy backyard fun!

Sundance Strawberry Kiwi and Sundance Pink Lemonade are $6.95 a bottle! Sort out your patio lanterns and invite the neighbourhood over!

Here’s hoping you win that trip to Montreal. Cheers.

Xo Shedoesthecity

Shedoesthecity is proud to partner with Sundance wine for this awesome promotion.