Wedding Cakes

Cake design is an underrated form of art. What some of these artists can do with just sugar, butter and their imagination is almost too splendid for the undignified fate of ingestion. But if you, like us, find joy in biting the head off a sugary replica of bridal you, consider this list a goldmine. 

Cake Opera Co., 1136 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto, 647-347-2626
No less dramatic than an opera itself, the Cake Opera’s work is, in a word, mindblowing, with inspiration deriving from Christian Lacroix’s runway, 17th Century galleons and the Palace Versailles. This amazing bakery and shop has got international recognition, celeb status and the ultimate prize on two Food Network Challenges. For the ultimate oeuvre d’art made of flour, sugar, and eggs, hit up these two young Cordon Bleu pastry grads.

Bobette and Belle, 1121 Queen St. E. Toronto, 416-466-8800
Vintage-inspired cameos, sinewy twigs, macaroon cones the size of traffic pylons – nothing seems to great an edible feat for award winning Allyson Meredith. At accessible price points (in 2010 the average cake prices were $500-$900), you could have your very own Meredith creation with the option of customizing it to your own imagination (in the past, she’s even created an edible slice of Yorkville). Want to add a little extra? Try their melt-in-your mouth French macaroons.

OMG Baked Goodness, 1561 Dundas St. W. Toronto, 647-348-5664 |
Skeptics take note: a vegan cupcake is not an oxymoron. Check out OMG’s mini vegan cupcakes and baby cakes – even your most cynical guests will hardly be able to tell the difference between OMG’s dairy-free delights and the swaths of butter that make up the average cupcake. While they don’t do wedding cakes per se, they’ll cater your wedding with a mountain of cupcakes, no slicing necessary.

Flour Studio, 883 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto, 416-789-0222
This adorable uptown baking studio turns out cakes and cupcakes galore. For an ultra-whimsical touch, these guys specialize in flowers, bows, and all things precious. Walk on in from Wednesday to Sunday, or make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday.

LPK’S Culinary Groove, 718 Queen St. E. Toronto, 416-461-6440
Vegan? Gluten free? Kosher? LPK’s has got you covered. They will work with you from inception to completion of your custom-made wedding cake, where your imagination is the only limit. Literally: their gallery features one cake with the bride and groom under the shade of a tree, complete with blossoms and forest creatures. Again, it’s almost too precious to eat. Almost.

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