This spring, why not adorn your walls with your OWN art? The AGO has announced its schedule of spring workshops. Each one is designed to help you flex your creativity muscles and empower you to DIY. 

Registration is now open for:

Introduction to Everything LOVEWith love as your inspiration, you will be introduced to sculpture, drawing, painting and printmaking. This is the ultimate crash course in art to find what medium you truly love.

Traveller’s SketchbookPlanning a summer trip? Learn painting and quick drawing techniques to capture your favourite details as you explore new places. Who needs a camera when you’ve got a pencil or paintbrush?

Introduction to ComicsInspired by comic book genres ranging from surreal Psychedelic to autobiographical Graphic Medicine, you will explore storytelling in comics. Look forward to exercises including comics editing and pacing, character exploration, and word and picture combinations. You will create a mini-zine by the workshop’s end.

Mindful Movement in the GalleriesLearn to slow down your body and mind. Each week get inspired by a selection of artworks in the AGO’s collection and respond to them with slow yoga movements, meditative techniques and sustained looking. 

Sculpture Exploration: Human FiguresIn this course, you’ll work with clay as you study the human form. Closely guided by instruction, you will develop skills of observation and proportion as you work with a life model. In addition to skill development, contemporary and historical approaches to figurative sculpture will be discussed. 

Op ArtInspired by art that explores the magic of optical illusion and the works of Yayoi Kusama, this course invites students to explore colour, pattern and shape with art-making that tricks the eye and the brain. 

All courses take place at the AGO (317 Dundas St. W). Full schedule and registration here.