Contrary to the perception of the degenerate pothead, a lot of smokers are hard-working, career-centric individuals who are inspired, engaged and passionate. Women shouldn’t be ashamed of the hobbies that give them balance. Like yoga, dancing or adult colouring classes, weed is helping some women achieve the elusive work-life balance. And as cannabis legislation changes in Canada, it prompts us to consider what women in Toronto want from their weed.

One street south of Queen West, a shipping container-turned-café is home to a thriving community of bohemian families, young professionals, and design-savvy entrepreneurs. It’s here, in the borough of Stafford, that I fell in love with Tokyo Smoke; a coffee + cannabis + clothing store on the quiet strip of Adelaide West. Surrounded by shiny treasures, cannabis magazines and coffee, women can buy luxury cannabis paraphernalia like volcanoes, PAX2 vaporizers and rolling papers with their morning cappuccino.

Lord knows we’ve all spent time browsing through ugly dragon pipes in a dimly lit Kensington shop that sells hemp sweaters and Bob Marley accessories. Uhhhhh, no thanks, I’ll pass. Smoking products have come a long way, and finally we can rejoice with pipes and vaporizers that are stylish, sleek and beautiful.

Alan Gertner, the visionary, CEO and former Google guy behind the brand, opened Tokyo Smoke in April, attracting a community of locals who love weed, coffee, and design. It’s one of the few shops in the city where city dwellers are encouraged to connect with like-minded individuals and open up about marijuana habits. (Don’t get me wrong, weed is still a taboo subject in some circles. I’m not about to tell my boss in a client meeting about the time I lit my hair on fire trying to light a joint a few years ago.) But it’s cool here, and people love the coffee, atmosphere and sour keys.

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know how to roll a joint (so embarrassing, omg, I’m almost 25!), but I’d love to take a class. Tokyo Smoke may be the place to do that, when cannabis becomes legal of course. Places like this are opening the conversation and offering a sneak peak into the future of smoking. It’s exciting to see a lifestyle brand actively recognizing this part of the urban woman’s life.

Weed is built into a routine that correlates with income, accessibility and mood levels in the city. Some of my girlfriends smoke weed to feel calm or relaxed, watching Netflix alone or before brunch on Sunday. Other women smoke weed to feel more emotionally connected to things that are creative like writing or painting. I smoke weed and listen to Coldplay (Parachutes, obviously), and there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t judge me.

And it’s not to say that all women in Toronto are smoking weed and watching Justin Bieber/Bran Van 3000 videos on repeat, but MOST are (just kidding, not though). I know women who smoke weed first thing in the morning, all day and before bedtime. I also know women who don’t smoke weed at all, or (like me) smoke when there’s a joint in the room. There’s a wide spectrum of smoking habits, and every woman is different. For many of us, it takes the edge off, and we owe it to ourselves to smoke a vaporizer that won’t burn our throats. It’s almost 2016, god dammit. We deserve it.

Blending coffee, cannabis, and clothing, Tokyo Smoke opens the door to pot-smoking women from all industries, backgrounds, and interests. It’s here, in a cozy, eclectic space of worldly treasures, quality coffee, and luxury cannabis products that women can finally talk about marijuana with confidence, pride, and curiosity. The cannabis market is changing, and people want to invest in products that will match their needs and desires.

Follow Tokyo Smoke here and find out for yourself; what do you want from your weed?


  1. StottVanessa
    December 7, 2015

    shedoesthecity tokyo_smoke #PREACH

  2. MaximillianHeth
    August 7, 2016

    Here’s hoping the stigma of smoking marijuana eases a bit under the leadership of Trudeau, particularly since he seems to favor legalization so strongly! We down here in the U.S. have a ways to go with that, though we’ve been making fairly good (albeit laborious) strides towards legalization. There are also other great marijuana lounges in Toronto, such as Vape On The Lake, The Vapor Social, and Roach O’Rama. For anyone reading this who’s interested, you can find those locations at this nifty cannabis directory:

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